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Typically, events at thyme are three hours with brunch/lunch ending at 3pm and dinner starting at 4pm,

however all private events are personally customized, so feel free to let us know your vision!

Sample Private Dining Menus


Here at thyme, we don't offer specific "packages" - Events are personally customized and we value your input! 

The menus provided below are examples designed to show some of the available menu & bar options. 

thyme hosts a variety of events:
baby & bridal showers; wedding rehearsal dinners; birthday parties; religious & holiday gatherings; business meetings; presentations; 
and many other celebrations & events.

We offer menu options for brunches, luncheons & dinners (with or without hors d'oeuvres), as well as cocktail-style events.

Sample Private Dining Menus @ thyme:

Events Manager
Pam Schwartz

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